2016 ER&L 2a

1 Rina A http://rina1124a.wordpress.com
3 Koki I http://gobuffaloes12.wordpress.com
5 Mio I http://wellup226.wordpress.com
7 Yukina I http://poinsettiavitamin.wordpress.com
9 Ryosuke O http://ryosukeo157.wordpress.com
11 Yui O http://hanyuyudu.wordpress.com
13 Takuya K http://g1512013.wordpress.com
15 Airi K http://airi0411.wordpress.com
19 Yuki K http://yuki1110.wordpress.com
21 Miyu S http://terryterry22.wordpress.com
23 Kana T http://knknari23.wordpress.com
25 Rinko T http://rinko0514.wordpress.com
27 Hazuki N http://leafmoon810.wordpress.com
29 Keishin N http://g1512029.wordpress.com
31 Akari N http://22starlight.wordpress.com
33 Yuri H http://hachibun318.wordpress.com
35 Aiko H http://aiaihira35.wordpress.com
37 Ayari H http://hokamura1121.wordpress.com
39 Yuki M http://g1512039.wordpress.com
41 Himeka M http://killerbeeissocool.wordpress.com
43 Ryo M http://221billy.wordpress.com
45 Mao M http://snowdrop4110.wordpress.com
47 Yurina Y http://nappu8873.wordpress.com

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